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Osceola Social Services Network Welcomes You

The decade has brought major changes, challenges, and hardships in human service delivery. Osceola County is confronting rapidly changing demographics, growing disparities, and reduced human services funding opportunities. Though our social services fabric is built on partnership and collaboration, our agencies must develop collaborative networks for service delivery in order to survive and thrive.
This is the drive behind the launch of the Osceola Social Services Network. Born out of the Capacity Commission, it is our goal to foster new partnerships and strengthen existing ones while providing opportunities for agency leadership to assess community needs, strategically plan and implement change in our community.

Objectives: Welcome

Osceola Social Services Network Objectives

Analysing the Numbers
Signing Contract

Development of Osceola County Community Needs Assessment

Development of a Peer to Peer Communication Tool

Fostering of Interagency Agreements

Objectives: Resources
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