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Get an invitation to use the Osceola Social Service Network's communication tool that keeps everyone up to date with what's going on with Health and Human Services in Osceola County.

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A Network of Health & Human Service Providers for Osceola County

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2018 Alice Report

The United Way ALICE Project provides a framework, language, and tools to measure and understand the struggles of a population called ALICE — an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.
ALICE is the growing number of households in our communities that do not earn enough to afford basic

Osceola Strategies for a Sustainable Future

Embracing sustainability means thinking differently about how we do everything. In Osceola, doing things differently has become a way of life. For the past decade or more, the County has implemented a number of innovative programs, projects, and initiatives.

Heart of Florida United Way 211 report

Each year, 16 million people in the United States dial 2-1-1 for help with basic needs like food and shelter or emergency services. 2-1-1 Counts is the first tool to provide real-time, searchable and visual presentations of data from 2-1-1 call centers across the nation. A report of requested social services specific to Osceola County from May 2018 to May 2019.

Food Pantry Locator

Second Harvest Food Bank works with 550 local feeding partners to provide food to our Central Florida neighbors in need. If you are looking for food assistance, you can search by your address or zip code.

Florida Department of Health in Osceola

Here is a great snapshot of the services and programs available at the FL Department of Health in Osceola County

Osceola County Family Resource Guide

Search for a local provider or Download a resource guide that will help you find local resources in your community. Brought to you by Community Vision.

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United Way Alice Report

ALICE refers to the population in our communities that are Asset Limited, income constrained, Employed.  The ALICE population represents those among us who are working, but due to childcare costs, transportation challenges, high cost of living and so much more are living paycheck to paycheck.

Advent Health Community Health Needs Assessment Osceola

Get a sneak peek of Advent Health's Community Health Needs Assessment that is specific to Osceola County.

Project Open opens doors for a single mom

From despair to hope, Iris Peralta found a new door opened, her life changed, and a new joy in being a mother, with help from a Florida program supported by Wells Fargo.

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